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Martyr don Pino Puglisi

Blessed Giuseppe Puglisi

on the 25th anniversary of the martyrdom of the

Pope Francesco

Pastoral visit of

September 15, 2018

Martyr don Pino Puglisi

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Blessed Giuseppe Puglisi

XXV anniversary of the martyrdom of the

Events in the

The testimony could becomes martyrdom.

The disciple of Christ is a witness.

Christian’s witness can go into difficulties,

it can become martyrdom.

The step is short,

indeed it is martyrdom that gives value to the testimony.

Remember Saint Paul:

“I desire to die even to be with Christ.”

Here, this desire becomes

a desire for communion that transcends even life.


Don Giuseppe Puglisi was born in the Palermitan Neighborhood of Brancaccio, courtyard Faraone number 8, on September 15, 1937, son of a shoemaker, Carmel, and a dressmaker, Giuseppa Fana, Don Puglisi was killed by the mafia in the same town on September 15, 1993, on His 56th birthday...

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“Brave witness of the Gospel” defined John Paul II during his visit to Sicily, Catania and Syracuse in November 1994.

And for the diocese of Palermo, Father Pino Puglisi is certainly one of the landmarks for those who want to rebuild an exemplary path of life as a prophetic charism and fruitful educational abilities.

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The Lord knows how to wait.
“No man is far away from the Lord. The Lord loves freedom, does not impose his love, does not force the heart of any one of us…

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When he went for the first time to that Christ, with whom he would have taken so much confidence to die for him, when he shared with the seminarians the anxiety of becoming minister of God when he wore the embroidered shirt and received from Cardinal Ernesto Ruffini’s hands Sacrament of order.

All the cuts of Don Giuseppe Puglisi’s those that are known and less known life were contained in the eighteen panels of the exhibition, which was inaugurated in the Cathedral on the 7th anniversary of his death.

The 18 panels were cared for by Lia Caldarella, Sergio Mammina and the members of the diocesan commission for the recognition of his martyrdom.

Some unpublished excerpts of Brancaccio’s pastor’s poem killed by the mafia and the most beautiful, curious and sympathetic photographs of his priesthood were also published.

In this 2023 edition, published on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the martyrdom, three panels have been added (Beatification, the coming of Pope Francis for the 25th anniversary of the martyrdom and “the love that becomes service”) edited by Lia Caldarella, Sergio Quartana, Maria Lo Presti, Father Francesco Stabile, Giuseppe Maniaci.

The exhibition remained in the Cathedral for the whole month, then it travelled to the schools and parishes.

These days, near the beatification date, it was again exhibited in the Cathedral and was also enriched with a folding support for the exhibit translated into four languages.

Anyone interested in the show can contact us.

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